Tupu Tonu

Job: Annual Report
Client: Tupu Tonu

The Opportunity

Established in 2021, Tupu Tonu focuses on building commercial assets offered by the Crown in negotiations with iwi and hapū of Ngāpuhi. This project presented a chance for MSO to contribute to the communication of Tupu Tonu’s mission and vision, while showcasing our design expertise in a meaningful context.

Our Solution

Our solution was rooted in creativity, drawing inspiration from Tupu Tonu’s intention to establish a strong intergenerational investment portfolio. We crafted a visual narrative that reflected the journey and ambitions of Tupu Tonu. The color palette, inspired by the harakeke flower in their logo, harmonized with scenic imagery from the Hokianga Harbour to the Bay of Islands, and to Whangārei, symbolizing the iwi boundary for Ngāpuhi. Additionally, we incorporated the poutama tuku tuku pattern, representing advancement and growth, aligning perfectly with Tupu Tonu’s commitment to continual improvement.

The Outcome

A visually stunning Annual Report that effectively communicated their mission and intentions. By integrating meaningful colors, imagery, and patterns, we captured the essence of Tupu Tonu’s journey and aspirations. The report served not only as a comprehensive overview of their activities but also as a testament to their commitment to building a prosperous future for Ngāpuhi.