Te Papa

Job: Matariki Report
Client: Te Papa

The Opportunity

When Te Papa sought to create a comprehensive summary of their Matariki exhibition and events, MSO Design recognised a unique opportunity. MSO understood the importance of distilling complex data into a visually engaging format. This project presented an exciting challenge to showcase our expertise in creating compelling visual narratives while supporting Te Papa’s goal of gathering insights for future planning and funding initiatives.

Our Solution

Our solution to Te Papa’s need for a highly visual summary was rooted in collaboration and creativity. Working closely with their team, we designed a visually impactful report that conveyed the activity and feedback gathered from the Matariki celebrations. Leveraging our design skills and expertise in data visualisation, we transformed raw data into engaging graphics and illustrations.

The Outcome

As the first year Matariki was celebrated as a National holiday, our report played a crucial role in informing future planning and funding initiatives. The outcome of our collaboration with Te Papa was a highly impactful report that supported their mandate of gaining a deeper understanding of audience engagement and feedback and creating valuable insights into the success of their Matariki exhibitions and events.