Te Matarau o Māui - Māori Business Ecosystem

Job: Dynamic map for Māori ecosystem within the Wellington region
Client: Te Matarau o Māui – Māori Business Ecosystem

Introducing a compelling tool that illuminates the vibrant Māori ecosystem within the Wellington region. This interactive map offers a dynamic overview of key locations in the region, categorized under Māori Business, Education, Community, and Stories.

Built within the framework of Microsoft Dynamics, with the expertise of Wellington-based GoCloud team, this cutting-edge map serves as a progressive tool commissioned by Te Matarau a Māui. Its purpose is to empower decision-makers by providing comprehensive insights into statistics and resources available to Māori in Wellington, supporting informed decision-making with the key purpose of helping Māori businesses and Whānau to thrive.

MSO Design took on the challenge of creating an interface that seamlessly integrates multiple data points while maintaining clarity and usability. The result is an intuitive space that allows for the exploration of various types of information and data, from simple geo-locations to complex datasets and dynamic storytelling.

This tool made its debut at the Annual Māori Business Symposium, held at Pīpitea Marae. It was an honour to showcase the map to leaders, industry, and passionate individuals dedicated to Māori entrepreneurship and economic advancement.