Dilworth Inquiry Report

Job: Report
Client: Dilworth Independent Inquiry

The Context: The Dilworth Inquiry delves into a deeply sensitive and troubling chapter in the history of Dilworth School, where instances of abuse against children spanning decades have come to light. As custodians of this crucial investigation, it was imperative for us to approach the report with utmost care and empathy, honoring the experiences of those affected while also providing a comprehensive account of the findings.

The Approach: MSO Design embarked on the task of crafting a report that not only conveyed the gravity of the situation but also respected the emotional journey of the reader. It features artwork from a past student on the cover, symbolizing both the legacy of Dilworth and the resilience of those who passed through its gates. Internally, our design philosophy centered on simplicity and tranquility, creating a space where readers could navigate through the content without feeling overwhelmed by its weight.

The Outcome: The resulting report stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering sensitive information with compassion and integrity. We aimed to strike a balance between acknowledging the gravity of the subject matter and ensuring a supportive reading experience. It is our hope that this report serves as a catalyst for healing and accountability, honoring the courage of survivors and the importance of their stories being heard.