Curiosum Branding

Job: Branding
Client: Red Car Consulting

The Opportunity: Curiosum, a consulting firm specialising in transformation, seeks to redefine business operations by integrating innovative thinking. Their focus on scalability and innovation necessitated a brand that embodied their adventurous spirit and distinct personality.

The Solution: MSO Design crafted a brand for Curiosum that defied expectations. Inspired by the name meaning “beyond the usual,” we created a dynamic visual identity and a memorable brand character. Through bold colors and whimsical design elements, we captured Curiosum’s commitment to pushing boundaries and sparking curiosity.

The Outcome: The collaboration between Curiosum and MSO Design resulted in a brand that serves as a beacon of innovation. From scalability to innovation, every aspect speaks to Curiosum’s dedication to driving change. It stands as a testament to their belief that true transformation lies beyond the expected, with curiosity leading the way.