IHC is New Zealand's largest provider of services to people with intellectual disabilities and their families. It's history reaches back over 60 years to a group of families who set up an association to lobby for a better deal for their children. IHC supports people with an intellectual disability by advocating for their rights, providing a variety of housing and work options through our service-provision arms IDEA Services Limited and Timata Hou as well as supporting families. IHC also provides a number of specialist services, such as behaviour support and training.

What we do for them:

MSO has worked with IHC for over four years. We have worked with them to develop the IHC brand as well as creating the branding for IDEA Services and Timata Hou. Recently we have worked on the Take—A—Moment brand. Take—A—Moment started as an inspirational exhibition that showcases the everyday lives of people from all over New Zealand and has expanded to a campaign to encourage all New Zealanders to take a moment to get to know people with intellectual disabilities living in your community. MSO developed the brand as a user-friendly experience and applied it to exhibition, marketing and online material.

What they have to say about MSO:

MSO have worked closely with IHC for about four years and have become an important part of the communications team. They are always willing to go the extra mile for us, and often produce work at short notice. They understand the funding constraints we have and happily work with us to keep the cost of jobs down and the quality up. MSO have always delivered for us, and they're extremely pleasant to work with.

Philippa Sellens
Communications Manager
IHC New Zealand Inc