New Zealand Customs Service | Te Mana Ārai o Aotearoa

Job: 2023 Annual Report and Brand Refresh
Client: New Zealand Customs Service | Te Mana Ārai o Aotearoa

The opportunity:

MSO was invited once again to collaborate with the New Zealand Customs Service. We were entrusted with the challenge of refreshing their brand identity and then applying to their 2023 Annual Report, embarking on a journey to visually communicate a modern and innovative Customs Service.

Our solution: 

Drawing on our expertise, MSO Design developed a comprehensive solution that seamlessly blended innovation, functionality, and the rich cultural tapestry of New Zealand. From conceptualizing visually striking infographics to crafting a refreshed brand identity, our team meticulously curated a design language that resonated with the Customs Service’s mission while providing a visually compelling narrative for stakeholders.

The outcome: 

The culmination of our efforts resulted in a transformed Annual Report and a revitalized brand image for the New Zealand Customs Service. The harmonious integration of captivating visuals, intuitive design elements, and a cohesive brand identity not only elevated the overall communication strategy but also positioned the Customs Service as a forward-thinking and capable entity.