• mark

    Mark Whitecliffe - Managing Director

    Mark started as the tea lady in 1982 and ended up as everyone's boss. But even before MSO his entrepreneurial streak shone through: he managed to become the only student (ever) to graduate with more money than they started with. Mark's goal is to create a hierarchy-free environment at MSO, where everyone is heard and no idea is wrong. He's achieved it. Everyone feels valued and wants to use their skills to do the best work for the client. Most of all though, Mark is a joker and his wicked sense of humour makes him seem more like a mate than a boss.

  • Liz

    Liz Mctague - Account Manager

    Liz is the newest member of the team - if you count 5 years as new! Her degree in Psychology means she knows what you’re thinking before you do which is a handy skill to have when managing clients and suppliers alike. Liz’s strengths lie in project management and communications. She has an in depth knowledge of the design process and is in constant contact with the client and designers to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. Well known for her great shoes and helpful attitude, she loves the team environment and continually marvels at the top shelf design work we create.

  • brent

    Brent O'Connor - Studio/Production Manager

    Brent is a 'big picture' guy. His official job title is Production Manager, but he likes to get stuck into those left-of-field jobs, like signage or direct marketing. The unsung hero of the studio, he tackles those necessary evils like fixing the printer and ordering stock. A real rock of support, Brent is always there to help. Bend over backwards? This guy will contort his body into positions you wouldn't believe possible to help out his team. He's experienced (over 12 years in the industry), qualified (five years' studying), highly skilled and we love to see the latest 'inBrentions' he comes up with.

  • Scott

    Scott Irvine - Senior Designer

    Since earning his design ticket over a decade ago, Scott has had extensive experience throughout the creative industry, working as an illustrator, a painter, a framer, software interface designer, magazine designer and his own company director before becoming a multi-talented senior designer and illustrator at MSO. He likes to focus on getting the job done efficiently and as creatively as possible while maintaining a light-hearted working atmosphere. In his spare time Scott enjoys motorsport and also is a children's book enthusiast which helps in his roll of being a dad to two great kids.

  • kellie

    Kellie Robins - Creative Director

    A lover of all things art, Kellie's early years were filled with a yearning to become the next Van Gogh. As she got older she decided she was unfortunately (or fortunately) not tortured enough to make it into the ear-chopping-off world of fine art. Well, their loss. Kellie is creative, imaginative and full of great ideas. And she also helps other people to realise their ideas and develop their skills. Kellie's designed in New Zealand and England, and also taught design at tertiary level. Kellie loves the fact that no one takes themselves too seriously at MSO; everyone's always up for a laugh and a bit of banter.

  • sarai

    Sarai Beckman - Graphic Designer

    In Sarai's own words her job is to 'make things look nice', and she does it extremely well. An experienced designer, originally from Germany, Sarai brings together European sophistication with German determination to get the job done. After working in Berlin, Sarai decided to see the world and make NZ her home. She worked as a design tutor and in the print industry before we welcomed her into the MSO family. An adventurer who will try anything once, Sarai's standout experience in NZ was swimming with dolphins in South Island. She confesses that it actually scared the hell out of her because dolphins are really big!

  • Grid2

    Ingrid Kennedy - Senior Web Developer

    Ingrid took a roundabout route into web design, beginning with a BSc in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and Zoology. Whilst recovering in Europe she realised that computers were a necessary evil, so returned and took a multimedia diploma. Ingrid has been a web developer at MSO since 2002 (bar a six-month sabbatical in Europe). She enjoys problem solving and leaves nothing to chance with logical, well thought-out solutions. However, there's more to Ingrid than logic. A great networker, she gets on with everyone and enjoys making people laugh.