Formed in late 1987 Photo Warehouse has evolved into one of New Zealand's leading Photographic supply company. We recognised that there was a need for a photographic specialist outlet that was accessible, stocked a wide range of products, and was staffed by true photo enthusiasts. Two decades on Photo Warehouse has now grown into a prominent organisation with showrooms in New Zealand's four largest cities - Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. We now employ over 40 staff including product specialists and company representatives.

What we do for them:

From the first version of the site in 2006 to the various incarnations over the past five years MSO continues its thriving relationship with the Photo Warehouse. Initially coming to us to build an online platform where by all of their products could be logged and sold online, MSO now updates and refreshes the site every 6-12 months to make sure the site is up to date and competitive. MSO also integrated an online newsletter system into the database to help Photo Warehouse stay in touch with its clients and keep them informed. Photo Warehouse is now the largest online store for photographic products in New Zealand.


Wellington's first FREE STORE is supplied by local retailers keen to reduce waste and provide excess stock to the community for no cost. Artist Kim Paton, creator of FREE STORE, has sourced bread from Arobake and Brooklyn bakeries, coffee from Supreme and People's Coffee, and produce from several of Progressives' Countdown and Woolworths supermarkets. This stock will be displayed in the Free Store much as in any grocery store, but will be without a price and available to the public unconditionally.

What we do for them:

MSO approached the Free Store after hearing a presentation at a networking evening. At MSO we like to support local intuitive and once a year we will offer our services free of charge to a worthy cause. We helped set a up a website that would help promote the Free Store and help generate a good profile and help attract other sponsors. Like in every job, the process started off with a discovery session with the client to realise the scope of the project and isolate the purpose and function of the site. Needless to say the team at the Free Store was very happy and the team at MSO urge other Wellington businesses to support this great initiative.



Moana Fisheries Ltd came to MSO to develop the ‘Hooked on Seafood' brand. This was designed to increase their retail footprint in Wellington. MSO worked with Moana from the beginning developing not only their visual language but we were also involved with strategy, proposals, consultations and concepts. This is an ongoing project.


What we do for them:

  • Brand strategy and development
  • Promotional material
  • Corporate identity system
  • Environmental graphics
  • Website and online marketing


Vivo Enoteca Cucina is a lively wine bar tucked away in the heart of the Wellington's CBD. Vivo offers a tastefully casual atmosphere and the best wine list in the area. We offer 60 wines by the glass and 600 wines by the bottle, any of which pairs wonderfully with our menu of Italian-influenced cuisine. Winner of New Zealand's Best Wine bar of the year in 2009 Vivo continues to be one of the best bars in Wellington.

What we do for them:

MSO prides itself in its client retention none more than VIvo Wine Bar (for the obvious reasons:) Over the years we have worked closely with Vivo to develop various collateral and last year we began work on its new website. The idea was to capture the atmosphere of the bar within the aesthetic and the tonality of the site, whilst highlighting its fantastic features. By using rich colours and textures mixed with rustic charm and rich images the website comes alive and lures you to Edward Street! Not only does the site stand alone as an effective piece of branding it works as part of the entire brand system to communicate a refined, comfortable, relaxed atmosphere with European style.


This is the second site we have done for Locating Us, this time the site focuses on the WhosOnLocation product. The design and functionality of this site concentrates on usability echoing the software product it should be promoting. A lot of work was done around effective communication and intuitive navigation - form secondary to function.

What we do for them:

  • Branding
  • Requirement scoping
  • Interface design
  • Development and content management
  • Online marketing and SEO
  • Illustration and animation