The Department of Conservation's challenge is to manage natural and historic heritage assets for the greatest benefit and enjoyment of all New Zealanders, by conserving, advocating and promoting natural and historic heritage so that its values are passed on undiminished to future generations. The Department's mission is: To conserve New Zealand's natural and historic heritage for all to enjoy now and in the future.

What we do for them:

MSO started working with DOC in 2007 helping them to develop their manager's handbook. Most recently we have been involved in the DOC People Plan which sets the scene for the DOC's long term plan on how Internal staff will operate within the organisation. We were given a brief that allowed for a high amount of creativity, creating an informative, interesting and intuitive document, this was then applied to a set of educational cards for training purposes. DOC then used this style to help create is marketing style guide moving forward.

What they have to say about MSO:

The strength cards were made to complement our staff engagement survey and the team workshop that went with the survey results.  What worked really well was how MSO tied their work on the People Strategy and our internal design publications standards together. The result are robust, effective cards that support the new look of DOC and play off the imagery of the People Strategy to give our tools a consistent background message.

Scott Nicol
Advisor Organisation Development
Department of Conservation


The Retirement Villages Association of New Zealand Inc (RVA) is a voluntary membership association for operators of retirement villages in New Zealand and individuals/commercial organisations that work in the retirement villages industry. The RVA is a national body that works to represent, protect and promote the interests of its members and their associated services. The key areas of work undertaken by the RVA include lobbying and representation, annual conference, information, education and publications for members and bulk purchasing.

What we do for them:

RVA and MSO have been working together since 2006 to develop a strong and relevant brand that enables it to communicate effectively to its members. We have recently redesigned their quarterly Magazine and are commissioned to provide their conference material annually. We like to think of ourselves as their brand guardians - Making sure all of their communications reinforce their brand message and communicate effectively.


Te Ohu Kai Moana (The Maori Fisheries Trust) are an organisation that works to advance Maori interests in the marine environment, including customary commercial fisheries, aquaculture and providing policy and fisheries management advice and recommendations to iwi and the wider Maori community.

What we do for them:

Every year MSO is commissioned to develop Te Ohu Kai Moana's Annual Report. This year the aim was to inspire the shareholders and give them confidence in the organisation's future. Colourful, abstract illustration was used to give a bright and uplifting feel to the report and the Board were very happy with the result. As well as working on their annual report, MSO also works on various other reports for Takutai Trust, Te Wai Maori Trust and Te Putea Whakatupu Aotearoa Fisheries.


What they have to say about MSO:

Te Ohu Kai Moana has a variety of legislative requirements to produce an annual report, strategic and annual plans and a variety of other design needs. We have worked with MSO Design for years. It's a relationship that has endured because of MSO's continuing ability to meet our needs. Mark and Stacey are an integral part of our team.

Peter Whittington
Chief Financial Officer
Te Ohu Kaimoana (The Maori Fisheries Trust)


Tu Mai Magazine is New Zealand's leading indigenous lifestyle magazine. Established in Hamilton in 1999, Tu Mai Media Plus Ltd relocated from Hamilton to Wellington in 2008, and is now cementing its place as the number one indigenous online vehicle for portraying a vibrant, indigenous Maori Community.

What we do for them:

MSO was asked to redesign Tu Mai Magazine in July 2009 to take it to the next level in order to stand out in a very competitive industry. The design had to appeal to the target audience, which was majority professional Maori women over the age of 25. So everything from typeface to grid was analysed and redesigned. The result had pace and aesthetic appeal and was very well received and doubled its readership over the next 18 months. This also led to various other collateral for Tu Mai and the editor's other company Miromoda (the annual Maori Fashion Awards).

What they have to say about MSO:

MSO's creative and working ethos was appealing from the outset. Mark (supposedly the boss) is very much a part of his team that gel on a number of fronts. Focused teamwork produces great results, which I have always been extremely pleased with. Humour seems to be MSO's common denominator, something most, if not all, clients appreciate.

Ata Te Kanawa
Managing Director
Tu Mai Media Limited



Wellington City Council (elected) is made up of the Mayor and 14 Councillors. They are responsible for determining local legislation and defining the overall vision for the city. They see Wellington as a vibrant city with a thriving cultural life, talented people, and cutting-edge businesses. Known as the Arts and Events Capital of New Zealand, the city has an abundance of recreation and leisure opportunities. It is also a compact city with a dramatic landscape and sound infrastructure. Wellington City Council wants to capitalise on these competitive advantages to help achieve economic growth, greater prosperity and an improved quality of life for all Wellingtonians.

What we do for them:

MSO has had an ongoing relationship with WCC for the past nine years and work both in collaboration with the WCC inhouse team and independently of various projects throughout the year. In the past we have worked in collaboration with WCC on the Annual plan and various planning documents. In 2010 we created the Annual Report from a concept and illustrations designed by WCC. This was a departure from past years using abstract imagery to depict the various elements that the Council deals with during the year. The result was very well received and worked well within a tight timeframe and restricted budget.

What they have to say about MSO:

We appreciate working with MSO, they always go the extra mile for us, and their prices are really competitive. They understand our sometimes complex Brand requirements and turn work around really fast, on often very tight budgets and deadlines. Nothing is ever a problem. We love them — especially Kellie and Mark!

Brenda Costeloe
Publication and Design
Wellington City Council