Association of Consulting Engineers New Zealand Inc (ACENZ) is the business association for engineers and related professionals for the built and natural environment.  ACENZ is a leader in the business world, taking a stand to promote consulting engineering within New Zealand and on the international scene. ACENZ serves approximately 175 Corporate Members, employing over 9,000 people in New Zealand in a variety of professional and technical roles.  These firms range in size from one-person specialist consultants, to multidiscipline firms employing over 1,000 people. Many of the firms have overseas offices.

What we do for them:

ACENZ is one of MSO's long standing clients, as well as refreshing their branding in 2008, we are also responsible for their annual conference material and their yearly awards booklet - Innovate. Every year brings different challenges to showcase ACENZ in a cutting edge way and reflect the various themes that punctuate the conferences.


The Ministry of Health's (MOH) role is to improve, promote and protect the health of New Zealanders in the face of significant challenges. They are also the Government's principal advisor on health and disability. The organisation focuses on our Ministers' key priority areas and delivering the ‘Better, Sooner, More Convenient' health services policy which it concentrates on; stronger clinical leadership, improving quality and safety, improved performance and sustainability, better national and regional service planning, reducing costs, bureaucracy and waste.

What we do for them:

MSO has done various work for MOH in the past but perhaps our biggest project was the branding of the Innovation Fund for Whanau Ora in 2009. This project required us to locate and collaborate with Maori designer Shane Hanson to develop the brand and apply it to the various collateral. Extensive research was done to develop a symbol that worked as a whole but could also be broken down into three subbrands to reflect each level of funding.



Lodges of New Zealand are an association set up to market and promote New Zealand's independent lodges both nationally and internationally. They pride themselves on outstanding locations and exceptional hospitality. They fulfill the promise of the outstanding New Zealand landscape, be it a lake edge or a river bank, perched on a cliff top or a mountainside, glorious gardens or in the wilderness, set on a farm or a vineyard, on the beach or an idyllic island.

What we do for them:

Lodges of New Zealand has been a loyal client of MSO for the past 31 years. In 2010 we were commissioned to redesign their lodge catalogue that gets printed and distributed internationally. The brief was to design a showpiece that would show each lodge in its best light but also a functional document that could travel without too much damage and that was easy to navigate and understand. We also produced display materials such as pull up banners and signage for expos, and help them with digital presentations.

What they have to say about MSO:

As I have been working with MSO since 1980 it may have been taken as a given that Mark and his MSO team would once again provide the NZ Lodge Association with the creative and production support for the 2010 Lodges of NZ brochure.
As promised the brochure was completed and delivered on time and MSO organised for it to be dispatched direct to our 22 Member Lodges. It will be made available in our Key International Markets after presentation at the International Luxury Tourism Market  (ILTM) event in Cannes France on 5-9th Dec. Feedback from Members has been very positive and we are now looking to proceed with the 2011 edition.
Garrick Emms
NZLA Marketing Consultant


The elected Council is made up of the Mayor and 14 Councillors. They are responsible for determining local legislation and defining the overall vision for the city. They see Wellington as a vibrant city with a thriving cultural life, talented people and cutting-edge businesses. Known as the Arts and Events Capital of New Zealand, the city has an abundance of recreation and leisure opportunities. It is also a compact city with a dramatic landscape and sound infrastructure. Wellington City Council wants to capitalise on these competitive advantages to help achieve economic growth, greater prosperity and an improved quality of life for all Wellingtonians.


What we do for them:

MSO has had an ongoing relationship with WCC for the past nine years and work both in collaboration with the Wellington City Council  in-house team and independently of various projects throughout the year. The main focus for the MSO team are events related collateral as well as forms and consultation material for public feedback. For the last two years we have worked on collateral for the annual Matariki celebrations, creating a beautiful dreamscape for Maori New Year.

What they have to say about MSO:

We appreciate working with MSO, they always go the extra mile for us, and their prices are really competitive. They understand our sometimes complex Brand requirements and turn work around really fast, on often very tight budgets and deadlines. Nothing is ever a problem. We love them — especially Kellie and Mark!

Brenda Costeloe
Publication and Design
Wellington City Council


Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is the sixth largest automaker in Japan and the 17th largest in the world by global vehicle production. Mitsubishi vehicles have been part of New Zealand's roadscape since the late 1960's. Today the company has a 36-strong network of car dealerships supported by a further 15 parts and service dealers, with 14 main truck dealers backed up by 10 parts and service dealers. Mitsubishi Motors New Zealand manages importing, marketing and new and used parts operations from its Head Office, located in Porirua.

What we do for them:

MSO has worked with Mitsubishi Motors New Zealand for over 10 years. In this time we have forged a strong relationship with them working on anything from promotional material, interior and temporary displays, marketing collateral, international documentation, awards design and development to name a few. MSO understands and applies MMNZ strategic brand to all collateral to help reinforce MMNZ brand value and to fit into its international brand partners.


What they have to say about MSO:

The team at MSO are simply fantastic to deal with, they deliver great creative and design solutions with minimal fuss and in often very short order.

Daniel Cook
Head of Sales and Marketing Strategy