Gas Hub


The Gas Hub is the place to go for all you need to know about natural gas. They are a division of Powerco set up to help educate the general public about the benefits of Natural Gas, which includes warmer, healthier homes. They provide independent, unbiased information on all things to do with natural gas so the general public can make informed decisions when choosing the right energy mix.

What we do for them:

MSO helped formulate the new brand and looked at strategies to apply to online and print campaigns. This included the strategy and interface design for The Gas Hub website, online graphics and illustrations, internal and external communication documents, interior signal for offices and marketing material for both Powerco and The Gas Hub.

What they have to say about MSO:

Everyone at MSO has been amazing to work with. They really go the extra mile, and when needed will work at all hours to meet deadlines. They have provided us with a lot of support and have made the transition to a new brand an enjoyable experience.
Shelley Wilson
Marketing Coordinators
The Gas Hub