Ergoform creates office chairs that fit around the human form. They switch, swivel, rise, fall, expand and contract, moulding to your unique body shape. The culmination of a decade of design and manufacturing experience in New Zealand, their range of high quality office furniture can be personalised to suit any individual and customised to fit even the most sensitive soul.

What we do for them:

As well as working on Ergoform's existing branding material, MSO also created a sub brand for to-a-tee. To-a- tee is a customised product to give you the space and confidence to bring your uniqueness into the spotlight. MSO created both the brand and marketing strategy for to-a-tee. This meant applying it to various collateral including display material, marketing material and also creating display samples for the chairs to see the amount of customisation that is possible.

What they have to say about MSO:

We have been dealing with MSO Design now for over three years. On our approach to Mark at MSO Design, we asked them to come up with a very exciting Marketing plan to incorporate both the existing Company Ergoform Limited and the new brand to-a-tee and to bring the both ideas together to take to the Market. This was always going to be a challenge. However, they were very passionate and loved the new brand to-a-tee right from the outset. To their credit, they have done a fantastic job and we are very happy with the outcome. We found the culture at MSO Design to be funky, friendly and a great team of happy people.

Christine Latimer
Marketing Manager
Ergoform Limited